Ceramics studio at habibi.works

What we do

Habibi.Works is a makerspace, a space of open workshops. For refugees and locals living in the region of Ioannina, our community kitchen, the wood workshop, the metal workshop, the sewing atelier, the creative atelier, the media lab/FabLab and other working areas are platforms for education, empowerment and encounter within a context, in which many other doors remain closed for people.

Besides the practical support in Greece, it is our goal to raise international awareness for the talents of people and for the challenges they are facing.

How we do it

We support people to create solutions themselves. We listen to their ideas instead of telling

them what to do. We encourage them to share their skills and teach; we empower them

instead of carrying out something for them.

We live the values we would like to see in our societies: respect, solidarity, equity.

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What we believe in

People are the experts of their lives. We don’t see people who fled their countries as helpless victims, but as talented and experienced men, women and children who can be an enrichment for our societies – if we provide the structures that allow them to integrate. This is what

Habibi.Works aims to do on a small scale.

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