Why a mug?

A mug has a way of integrating itself into the most intimate corners of life; it is a locus of ritual and a closely held object. I consider it an honor to make the thing that might signify to someone a favorable start to the day. Personally, I find that the exterior of a mug provides the ideal amount of surface area for experimentation with glaze.


original Wheel turned mug

3.25" diameter, 3.5" height, holds 12 oz $20

Currently available in Coquina, Pink, Sparrow, Fever, Black Sand, Sea Smoke, and Katahdin

Experimental glazes

3.25" diameter, 3.5" height, holds 12 oz $22

You may specify the quantity of mugs and a general color palate and will receive an assortment of glazes

See glaze trials page for visual inspiration


slip cast mug

Slip Cast Mug (see below) 4" diameter, 3.5" height, holds 16 oz. $20

Currently available in Pink Flash, Pink, Coquina, Copper Bloom