Mug 3.25" diameter, 3.5" height holds 12 oz MSRP $38 Restaurant $27

Coffee Dripper 4 ½” diameter at top, 4” height size 2 paper filter MSRP $48 Restaurant $34

Currently available in Coquina, Katahdin, Pink, Sparrow, Copper Bloom, Antique White, and Eclipse.


Named for the shell of small seawater clam found on the east coast, this variegated pink is a treasure. 

Note: this glaze breaks differently each time-- the mug or coffee dripper you receive may not look exactly like the ones pictured above.


Spotted like a sparrow's egg: satin white with iron black speckles. 


Warm gray glaze over very dark clay. Available in mug only.

Copper Bloom

Inspired by a pottery fragment found in a creek in Italy, this glaze is a contemporary interpretation of the tradition of tin-glazed earthenware. 

Hand application of copper oxide ensures that each piece has a unique pattern.

Beer Mug

Height 5" Diameter 4" MSRP $34 Restaurant $24

Glazes: Katahdin, Sparrow (not pictured here.)