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209 Main Street
Lincolnville, ME, 04849
United States



7" height 5" dimeter - shapes may vary- MSRP $72 Restaurant Price $50

Glaze: Copper Bloom, Sparrow, Eclipse.

Serving Bowl

Tall 8" diameter, 4" height MSRP $80 Restaurant Price $56

Wide 11" diameter, 3" height MSRP $90 Restaurant Price $63


Spotted like a sparrow's egg: satin white with iron black speckles.

Copper Bloom

Inspired by a pottery fragment found in a creek in Italy, this glaze is a contemporary interpretation of the tradition of tin-glazed earthenware. 

Hand application of copper oxide ensures that each piece has a unique pattern.


A stony look and texture.

Bright matte white glaze over very dark clay. Once-fired to draw the minerals in the clay to the surface and enhance texture.